The Soar Free Fit Story

Hello, My name is Amy Gibbs, I’m Soar Free Fit. I’m part of a team of wonderful coaches, Team Soar Free!  I’m also a wife, a fur momma to two kitties, & a full time business owner. Here is my story, When I was 30 years old I was tired, I had high blood pressure, and I was 55 lbs overweight. I had never done any sort of regular fitness activities. I never played sports in school. I felt tired of being sick and tired. As soon as my then fiancee proposed to me in February of 2010 I knew I didn’t want to be this tired unhappy person for our wedding, or our lives! I started with Weight Watchers and Zumba and I had some success. I lost 30 lbs but I got stuck. Weight Watchers didn’t teach me how to eat clean, I didn’t like going to the meetings, and it didn’t incorporate the level of fitness my body needed.

Along came a message from a friend in HighSchool in 2015. She asked me to join her challenge group on Facebook. I said sure! She set me up with a Beachbody program. I was SUPER skeptical of the whole deal. Really, you want me to drink a meal? Really you want me to workout at home? Really this is how much money? But I just needed something to change so I took a leap of faith. I took that risk and I have never looked back!

Are you sick of being sick and tired? Welcome to the ‘new’ way! It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle! Let’s continue this journey together!  img_6405