Making the Shift… 2 weeks complete

Day 14 came to a close yesterday. Two weeks complete!IMG_8963

It’s been a challenging two weeks but not impossible by any means. I am feeling invigorated! Heading into week 3 determined to finish strong!

The workouts during week 2 were 35 minutes, 6 days a week, and twice a week there was an added 12 minute core workout. The core workout is one of my favorite ab workouts ever! See video! My carbs were cut down to one a day, also manageable.

Favorite recipe from week two was the Shrimp Stir Fry! It was a generous portion and I didn’t even miss eating stir fry with rice! It was just as tasty on it’s own.


The biggest WIN for me was that I stuck to my plan 100%! Really committing to something gives me a HUGE sense of pride.

I feel like I am finding myself again. I have more energy, I’m happier, and I am ready to take on week 3 and finish strong! Come back here after day 21 to see my results after making the SHIFT.


BONUS, even though I haven’t been weighing myself regularly, I have noticed some of my clothing fitting a little looser!


I’m also learning to work my life and schedule around what makes me happy and what fits in with my healthy lifestyle. It’s OK to put some of my needs first. In the long run it will help me SHIFT into a happy, healthier, and MORE productive person… so I will be able to contribute to my work and community at an even higher level!

My accountability group has been an interracial part of my success! Daily check-ins, motivational posts, and a place to share and learn makes it feel like I am NOT doing this alone, because I am not! I love my Fit Fam! Coaching also helps push me to try even harder because I need to be a good example and I want to inspire the group to keep trying their best and to NEVER give up!

If you are ready to make the SHIFT, another round starts on September 5th! Message me or comment!  Why not you? Empower, Love, Inspire!

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