Set Backs, Weight Gain & Depression: 10 Ways to Bounce Back.

It’s not a secret. I haven’t posted much lately. TRUTH time….  I have had a difficult 4 months.  How did it start to fall apart? Several things combined with me losing some self- confidence. Let’s break it down. Maybe you can relate to some or all of this….

  1. I hit my weight loss goals over a year ago and then… I GOT LAZY. Guess what? YOU don’t stop working at it ever. 
  2. I took on TOO MUCH! I said YES to everything. Why not? I had it all together! But this caused me to stretch too thin and I started sacrificing things that were making me happy and healthy. Like skipping workouts, neglecting food preparation which caused me to get lazy on my nutrition, and not allowing enough time to do daily tasks that need to be done, and not doing personal development.
  3. Every workout skipped, every good meal skipped, made it harder and harder to do the next. This lead to weight gain, depression, and lack of energy. Habits are created over time. You can lose them overtime too.

OK, so now what? I can keep focusing on the negative or I can take action to move forward! I need to start believing in myself again! I just got back from a week of personal growth at Beachbody Summit, so here we go!


Remember: Wherever FOCUS goes, energy FLOWS. So let’s get this flowing in the right direction.

My Action Plan:

  1. Workout at least 30 minutes a day. This week I am doing Shaun T Week! If I need a recovery day, that’s OK, but I am going to try for EVERY DAY for something, even if a day needs to be stretching or a walk.
  2. Get nutrition on point! Make meal planning and meal prep a priority! GET IT DONE. If I am prepared, I will be less likely to go for a quick junk food fix.
  3. Personal Development. Reading and listening to POSITIVE life affirming content is a MUST! There are many wonderful motivational authors and people who have learned how to be successful and share those practices through books, podcasts, or on YouTube. Check out Brendon Burchard’s video on habits! Click here: The Power of Habits
  4. Goal setting. Specific 30 day goals! Set my ambitions high! Believe in myself! Set those TRIGGER moments (from the power of habits) to help me reach my goals.
  5. Visualization. PICTURE myself reaching my goals and how I will feel when I reach them.
  6. Positive Affirmations! Tell myself positive self -affirming statements. I am writing them on sticky-notes and posting them around.
  7. Focus on organization. When your environment is a mess, your mind is a mess.
  8. Drink my Shakeology everyday! Having the super foods and nutrition that Shakeology provides will help me curve cravings, add energy, and have my body at top levels, ready to do ALL the things I want to do! This one is an easy one to do.
  9. Invite others to join me on the journey! It’s always better to do it with support and friends! Accountability has helped me in the past and it will again! I’m co-hosting a NEW 7 Day Rock your BOD challenge starting August 1st! Comment below or message me on Facebook for information! link: My Personal Facebook Page
  10. Surround myself with the right people! No Negative Nancy’s allowed! The people you surround yourself with do effect your mood and attitude. Don’t let anyone bring you down!

Can you relate to my journey? I hope that some of these action steps can help you too! Did you watch the Brendon Burchard video? Leave me comments with your goals and action plans and what you thought about the Power of Habits video. Do you want to join me on the journey! 7 Day Challenge starts August 1st! Contact me to get more information and make the choice to be healthy! link:  My Personal Facebook Page


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