YOUv2 Available Today!

Do you see videos of me or others doing Beachbody workouts and think, “There is NO WAY I can do that”?  I totally understand where you are coming from.

Not everyone is ready to jump right into bootcamp or HIT style workouts, especially if working out at home or starting a fitness program is something new for you. Beachbody does have some great programs which can be easily accessible to almost anyone, like CIZE, Country Heat, or PiYo, but those programs are still marketed to the fitness enthusiast for the most part. Beachbody was missing out on so many people that just want to have fun working out no matter where they are starting their fitness journey! And NOW we have the missing link, the program for anyone, YOUv2!


BONUS, when you order YouV2 through me, you get ME as your coach and access to my Facebook Challenge groups which are there for you if you are looking for even more support!

So, if you are too intimidated by Core De Force or 21 DayFix, (you don’t need to be, but I understand), YOUv2 could be the perfect starting point for you! Message me or send me a comment on my social media to get started!

Or go right ahead and order The Beachbody All Access Challenge Pack Featuring YOUv2! It is the best value and you get Shakeology to help you get your nutrition in check as well! Order here:  YOUv2 Challenge Pack

Are you ready to upgrade to the new version of you? You are worth it!



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