10 Ways to Combat Sore Muscles

If you are doing new workout routines, pushing yourself in you workouts, adding weight, and making your muscles work in new ways, then muscle soreness is to be expected. Here are 10 things you can do to help!IMG_1815
1. Get more sleep.
Sleep deprivation can have a significant negative effects on performance and recovery. Sleep is also prime time for the body to undergo protein synthesis, so getting extra zzzs after a tough workout might make for stronger muscles and better endurance.
2. Listen to music.
Listening to relaxing tunes can aid in exercise recovery. Slow-tempo songs can help reduce blood pressure and pulse rate more quickly after exercise.
3. Consume protein before bed.
Barring a serious case of sleepwalking, we’re not usually giving our body nutrients while we sleep. Consuming a light, protein-rich snack before bed allows our bodies to keep repairing muscles overnight. Maybe try Beachbody Performance’s line Recharge!
4. Eat protein in the morning aka, drink your Shakeology for breakfast.
After a good night’s rest, the body could use some nutrients to recharge. Breakfasts high in protein can give our muscles the necessary ingredients to start rebuilding and may reduce food cravings later in the day.
5. Tart cherry juice. (also a main ingredient in Beachbody Performance Line Recharge)
Tart cherry juice helps reduce the swelling that occurs when muscles are damaged, allowing our bodies to recover faster. Beachbody also has a Recover Post-workout Formula to help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness and jump-start recovery so you can hit each training session just as hard. Recover takes advantage of the critical post-training window with the ideal combination of time-released proteins and phytonutrients to help facilitate muscle recovery and reduce muscle breakdown. Take Recover after every training session to help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness, speed muscle recovery, and restore your strength.imageskhkghj


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Click HERE to order Beachbody Recover



6. Drink lots of water. Exercising while dehydrated can cause greater damage to muscles and reduce the body’s ability to repair itself. Or try Beachbody Performance Line Hydrate while working out.
7. Cut back on the booze.
Those of us who enjoy a few post-workout happy hours might want to be careful of too much of a good thing. Research suggests more than one or two drinks after working out could reduce the body’s ability to recover.
8. Foam Rolling
Rolling out muscles with foam or semi-rigid rollers—two forms of self-myofascial release—can help remove knots and prevent muscle imbalances from forming.
9. Get a massage.
Recovery backrubs, anyone? Like foam rolling, massage helps break up scar tissue and reduce stiffness associated with muscle repair. Scented candles and relaxing tunes optional.

10.Take a cold bath.
While it might be a scary prospect, research suggests taking a cold, full-body plunge after working out can significantly reduce soreness and inflammation for up to 24 hours after exercise. Although, for me, I like a hot bath for sore muscles!

How do you recover? Comment below your tricks and tips!

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