Recharge Review

My review of the Beachbody Performance Line: Recharge.

I tried Recharge for the first time last night before bed. It tasted good, like Vanilla. Similar to the Vanilla Fresh shake in the 3 Day Refresh kit, if you have tried that.

I did have to shake it up REALLY well to get rid of chunks. Might even be better in a blender with some ice.

Why this is difficult to review. Well, I don’t know exactly how I was going to feel if I didn’t drink Recharge last night. So many factors go into muscle soreness. I can tell you that I did a lot of lifting and exercise earlier in the week and I was expecting to be somewhat sore.

I noticed today that my quads are not sore, even after many squats. My arms are not sore. I have some highness in my pecks still from push-ups and my hamstrings are still tight … tight… tight! DAMN you Hamstrings!

I’m not very bendy, but I am working on it.

So, what can I say? It might work. I think that I need to try it several times before being able to give a more accurate review.

Recharge does have Tart Cherry in it and I know that ivy itself is proven to help with muscle soreness. So that plus the Micellar Casein Protein should work!

YAY Science!  Check out my video review here: (I basically say the same thing)



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