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It’s time to start. And I mean that. I have been the queen of procrastination! If I don’t purposefully choose to do something and come up with a doable plan then it usually sits on the back burner for a long time. Right now I am learning about prioritizing. What exactly am I trying to do? What is important to me?

  1. What are the most important roles in your life? (wife, mother, business person, being a good friend, charity work, ext.) Pick your top 3.
  2. Now what are your goals in each of these 3 areas?
  3. Set up 3 things you can do for each of these 3 areas in your life that you want to improve and prioritize. Set small attainable goals. For instance, if you decide your top priority is your relationship with your husband or wife, you may need to start scheduling in a date night to keep on top of staying connected in that relationship.

So what are some goals to work on? For me it is:

  1. Wife 2. Custom Framer 3. Being a great coach
  2. Goals: Spend more time with my husband, get more organized and improve the Frame shop, help more people with coaching.
  3. Actions: Set a date night. Set a time to organize (there are more technical things I am doing but I won’t bore you) . Set up this Blog and make original content.

See if this exercise helps you. Now the next phase is plugging these things into a calendar and following through. This can sometimes be the most difficult part, but I am going to do my best to get these 3 Roles set up for success! 15442192_10154176753091527_3340737914762521007_n

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